The JOURNEY BEGINS . . . Officially

Today marks the first day in a year-long journey into sissyhood under the firm, but loving, hand of my incredible Mistress Delia.  What does Mistress have in store for me? I have no idea, yet Mistress has referred to her “plan” on many occasions! It has me shaking in my panties. . . and slightly excited to know that I will finally be living the life I was meant to have.
I do have doubts that I can do this. I’m turning my life upside down and inside out all at once. And to be frank, I’m not as young as I used to be (late 50’s) but, and I keep telling myself, “But. . . how long have you sat and thought that this is who you want to be”!  Well, if I tried to add up all the hours that has gone through my head, the number would be staggering. So I just have to be thankful. . .
Thankful for Mistress Delia, she accepted me for sissy training, she didn’t have to, yet she did! And it amazes me that someone like Mistress would devote her time & energy to make a year-long plan for us to accomplish my dream.
Thankful that instead of just dreaming about being a beautiful sissy, that one day I WILL BE ONE!  Instead of just sitting in front of my computer, fantasizing about being that sexy sissy in one of the countless videos I’ve jerked my tiny cock to, I WILL be that sissy. You know the one, the hot one with her Mistress standing over her, telling her to take that cock in her mouth and make love to it.
Thankful that I am part of a virtual community, Second Life (Check it out at, it’s amazing) that has offered me so much, foremost, the chance to meet my Mistress and come to know & love her, true friends who are there to be my cheerleaders should I have doubts along my journey into sissyhood. The ability to express my true sissyself, and come to terms with my desire to be a sissy.
Finally, I invite you, the readers of this blog, my tiny little slice of the internet, to comment on my upcoming posts. Tell me and Mistress what you think I’m doing right, or wrong, or offer up some words of encouragement.


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